Africa: Favourable Future for Natural Rubber

Natural Rubber from Africa, TSR 10 as well as other qualities, is more and more in focus of the European and American rubber industry. A team of Weber & Schaer did a two weeks trip to Ivory Coast in January 2023 to get a better understanding of the rubber industry in this West African country. Ivory Coast is on its brink to become the third largest rubber producing country worldwide, with a recent annual capacity of 1.5 million tons. Besides intense visits to the plantations and processing plants of our long-term as well as possibly new partners, we took the opportunity to also paying a visit to smallholders. We came across high quality standards and top-notch production lines making clear that Ivorian rubber can easily compete with Asian standards.

Our multiple discussions and conversations with all stakeholders gave us an insight into all CSR measurements undertaken by our long-term partners. Compared to the long sea transport from Asia to Europe the carbon footprint for the transport of the goods from Africa to Europe is significantly smaller. Bearing in mind that due to the new supply chain legislation in Europe and the recently discussed addition of natural rubber to the EU-list of critical commodities in regards of deforestation, we can now offer a reasonable transparency in big parts of the supply chain from Ivory Coast. The Weber & Schaer team visited villages for the workers of our biggest suppliers, consisting of free housing, easy access to drinking water, medical supply and schools. In 2023 there are projects starting to satellite monitor all supplying smallholders, giving a tool at hand to avoid deforestation. We are now in the position to offer best possible transparency and traceability throughout the whole supply chain of the natural rubber for the majority of the Ivorian natural rubber supplied by us. Weber & Schaer is looking forward to cooperate in several future projects. This also includes the support of the certification under sustainability labels (FSC, PEFC) as well as tailor made solutions for interested customers. If you are interested in some more detailed information please contact us under or simply call our sustainability manager Mr. Hans Evers under +49 4030902122.