High-performance additives


WEBER & SCHAER offers a wide selection of fillers – ranging from carbon blacks to silicas. From processability to durability and viscosity, our filler portfolio covers everything the market demands. We place as much importance on the quality of our partners’ products as on their availability, and we pride ourselves on being able to respond and deliver on short notice when required.

Customized solutions for every application

WEBER & SCHAER maintains several storage facilities in Europe for our extensive range of carbon blacks, and our decanting stations allow us to offer bulk deliveries in addition to paper bag or big-bag packaging.

With continuous access to first-rate, consistent and customized raw material feed from its in-house distillation unit, our partner Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd. has developed a very successful portfolio of MRG-grade carbon blacks with improved morphological features and excellent cleanliness. The Klarex grade series, for instance, has a considerably longer screen life and provides a much better surface on extrudate rubber components.

In addition to its full range of ASTM-grade carbon blacks, Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd. also supplies specific carbon black solutions for applications with very diverse requirements – from tyres and extrudate profiles to hoses, seals, gaskets, anti-vibration mountings and belts. Our portfolio even contains low-PAH carbon blacks.

Moreover, the firm Grace has also been a trusted partner of ours for many years, and WEBER & SCHAER is active on the German market as a distributor for Perkasil silicas of excellent quality.

Silica based fillers

NameChemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
precipitated amorphous SilicaSiO₂Perkasil®Grace
precipitated Sodium aluminium silicaSiO₂ / Na ₂O / Al₂O₃Perkasil®Grace
Sustainable precipitated silica based on rice husk ashSiO₂RhasilQ&C Quechen

Carbon Black

NameChemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
Carbon blacks for rubber applicationsStandard und Clean GradesHimadri Speciality Chemical
Conductive Carbon BlackKetjenblack®Nouryon
Recovered Carbon BlackrCBWastefront


NameChemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
TetrasulfanBis-(3-[triethoxysilyl]-propyl)- tetrasulfan (TESPT)Nansil 4

Rubber powder

Functionalized micronized rubber powderFMRPActifineAtlantis Rubber Powder