The perfect mix

Rubber chemicals

WEBER & SCHAER provides a complete range of high-quality, readily available virgin materials, preparations, crosslinking additives and special compounds. All substances undergo rigorous checks and are stockpiled at our European storage facilities in quantities the market requires.

Essential components for customized applications

In the field of rubber chemicals too, WEBER & SCHAER focuses on cooperating long term with leading suppliers. Many years of working together on an equal footing and constantly exchanging information with them has allowed us to consolidate our expertise this special field.

Our rubber chemicals portfolio comprises both antioxidants and vulcanization chemicals. Whether as powders or in predispersed form, we stock high-standard, quality products at all of our European storage sites. Our team of experienced chemists specializes in rubber compounds and subjects the chemical additives to regular testing.

UHOO Rubber Chemicals Co., Ltd has been one of our leading partners for many years. This Chinese company operates three production plants for rubber chemicals, which are mainly used in the manufacture of technical rubber products. These Asian experts focus specifically on researching and developing environmentally-friendly products and procedures. And here in particular, our customers profit from broad-based backwards integration. Production steps carried out well in advance maximize the reliability of supply, preventing supply shortages and consequently expensive production delays.

When it comes to vulcanization chemicals, antioxidants and retardants, we put our trust in our long-time supplier Zhenzhou Double Vigour Chemical Product Co., Ltd, a company setting international standards in large-volume products.

WEBER & SCHAER also offers a very wide range of products from a number of renowned producers. These products include predispersed chemicals from Actmix®. This company has a 12,000-ton capacity across two factory locations. The experience gained with our Belgian partner Taminco in the field of thiuram disulfides has also been excellent. And we’ve also been working together for over six decades with Goodyear Chemical, our distribution partner for antioxidants and polymers.


NameChemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
Insoluble SulphurSnDiamond SulfOCCL/India


NameChemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
Sulfenamides,Thiazoles, SulfenimideCBS, DCBS, TBBS, MBTS, MBT, ZMBTDouble Vigour, UHOO, KemaiRichon, Zhengzhou Double Vigour, UHOO Rubber Chem., Kemai Chemical
ThioureaETUUHOOUHOO Rubber Chem.
Thiurames, DithiocarbamatesTBzTD, DPTT, TMTM, ZBEC, ZDBC, ZDEC, TiBTD, DDTSUHOOUHOO Rubber Chem.
ThiuramesTMTD, TETDDimacitTaminco
InhibitorPVI, Retarder ERichon / CurekindDalian Richon, Ningbo Actmix Polymer Co.
Predispersed Chemicalscomplete programActmixNingbo Actmix Polymer Co.


NameChemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
Crosslinking peroxidesLuperox®, Retic®Arkema


NameChemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
AntioxidantsStyrol. DiphenylaminePolystay® 29Goodyear
AntioxidantsPhenolderivatWingstay® LSynthomer
AntioxidantsTMQTMQKemai, Bochen
Antioxidants / Antiozonants6PPDRichonRichon
Antioxidants / Antiozonantsarom p-Phenylene-diaminePolystay® 100Goodyear

Dispersions of Antioxidants

NameChemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
Water-based AntidegradantsWSWeber & Schaer