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Natural Rubber & Latex

More than 40 percent of the rubber used in industry worldwide still originates in the natural product. Its versatility alone makes natural rubber a fascinating material. Exploiting the potential of this raw material while at the same time treating it with the respect it deserves requires well-established expertise. Having begun commercially trading in natural rubber in the mid-1870s, Weber & Schaer has been very familiar with this incomparable natural product for almost 150 years.

Natural sources for modern applications

Thanks to expertise, experience and the best international contacts, selling high-grade natural rubber has been our main strength for generations. By traveling to the supplier countries regularly, we maintain close contact and a permanent dialogue with companies that we partner with and trust. In this way we’re able to familiarize ourselves immediately with new developments surrounding this natural raw material as they occur. We’re also able to ensure the quality of raw materials by testing the products we receive in our own testing laboratory. And here we’re becoming increasingly global in what we offer. In order to supply the South African market, for example, we work together with the local distributor there, RubberChem (Pty) Ltd, and maintain a joint natural rubber storage facility in Durban and Port Elisabeth.

As one of Europe’s leading importers, we also possess the full range of expertise on natural latex – a no less interesting and very versatile raw material. In addition to the standard natural rubber and natural latex varieties, our portfolio also includes special product varieties like pre-crosslinked natural rubber or grafted natural latex. All of our rubber varieties are also available in granulated form. Granulation is available as a service if required.

Just as you can expect the highest quality products, it also goes without saying that having these products permanently available is equally important to us. The challenging times we live in are increasingly characterized by supply chain disruptions and corresponding price increases. And the production of natural raw materials like rubber or latex is also subject to seasonal fluctuations. At Weber & Schaer, we’re able to counter these problems with confidence because we have the capacity to store enormous quantities of stock at logistically relevant transport hubs within Europe. We’ve thus taken every precaution to ensure that availability of stock is stable despite supply times of several weeks.

And what’s more, our storage facilities are equipped with heating chambers so that frozen natural materials can be conditioned to the proper temperature if required.

As a GPSNR member, our particular focus is on the sustainable production of natural rubber and natural latex. Our company is certified according to the FSC and PEFC standards. We maintain partnerships of many years’ standing with Asian suppliers who operate to these same standards and we support other companies we partner with on their journey there.

Our range of natural rubbers and latex comprises all standard types from all producing countries
TSRFA Latex (full ammonia)
RSSLA Latex (low ammonia)
Pale Crepe
Furthermore, we also deliver specialities and made-to-measure rubbers and latices
peptizeddouble centrifuged
granulatedTMTD-free (FA and LA)
powder rubber