From impact-resistant to soft – we custom-modify materials


WEBER & SCHAER has been dealing with plastics for decades, and nowadays we’re able to modify many properties no matter how specific they are for whatever application a material might be needed for.

The whole range of material properties

Many plastics can be used for specific purposes with the help of elastomers to achieve the nuanced level of elasticity required. Modifications range from improved impact resistance to soft PVC formulations that don’t contain conventional plasticizers.

Our portfolio includes nitrile rubber powders sold under the renowned brand name Chemigum® as well as Sunigum® ASA powders from Synthomer for modifying PVC and other thermoplastic materials. We also have high-quality CPE from our partner of many years’ standing, Weifang Polygrand.

A particularly noteworthy product in the field of thermoplastic elastomers is Excellink®, a solution with outstandingly impressive properties specially developed by the firm Eneos for use in sealing profile applications in the automotive industry.

You’ll find a significantly larger range of plastics available from our subsidiary, Polymer-Service PSG GmbH, who specialize in thermoplastic elastomers, construction materials and high-performance polymers. They have a wide choice of offerings: Keyflex® brand polyester elastomers from LG Chem, Innoprene® TPV from Kumho Polychem, Taroprene® PA6 and PA66 from our supplier Taro, high-temperature resistant PSU, PPSU and PES and the fluoropolymers PVDF, FEP and PFA.

The fluoropolymers also include in-house manufactured, high-quality regranulates that are produced in the plant belonging to our subsidiary Braun Battenberg Mahlwerke GmbH.


Acrylate terpolymerASASunigum®Synthomer
Chlorinated polyethyleneCPECPEapplication-depending
Maleic anhydride grafted EPMMAH-EPMKEPA®Kumho Polychem
Nitrile rubber powderNBRChemigum® PSynthomer
Thermoplastic Elastomer (PP/EPDM)TPE-VEXCELINK®Eneos Materials Corporation
Thermoplastisches ElastomerTPE-VInnoprene®Kumho Polychem

Raw Materials for Thermoplastics

Carbon nanotubesCNTK-NanosKumho Petrochemical
Crosslinking peroxidesKetjenblack ECAkzoNobel
Highly conductive carbon blacksTrigonox®, Perkadox®AkzoNobel


Antioxidantsstyrenated DiphenylaminePolystay®Goodyear
AntioxidantsOctyl. DiphenylaminODPARichon
AntioxidantsTMQTMQKemai, Bochem
Antioxidants / Antiozonants6PPD, 77PD, 44PD, QDI, 134PD, 1350PDSantoflex®Eastman