Multiplying availability for use in industry

Synthetic Rubber

More than half of the rubber used in industry worldwide is manufactured synthetically. Active in this field for over six decades, WEBER & SCHAER has been present at every evolutionary phase of this fascinating material. The versatility of synthetic rubber gives it a wide range of even the most specific of applications. Our carefully selected partnerships are crucial in enabling us to do justice to our customers’ individual requirements.

Know-how, experience and reliable partnerships

With over 60 years of experience in this field, we now have extensive expertise in the variety of applications and formulations possible with synthetic rubber. And we’re continuing to refine our market and product know-how.

Reliability and customized service characterize all our relationships with customers and suppliers alike. And especially when it comes to selling synthetic rubber, facilitating prompt and consistent deliveries with the help of carefully planned supply chains and high storage capacities rate among our particular strengths.

A diversified portfolio built on reliable cooperation: Our partner Kumho Polychem is one of the largest EPDM manufacturers worldwide and provides an extensive range of products under the brand name KEP®. High levels of innovation are a strong feature of this Korean company, and in close collaboration with them we supply our customers and make sure that deliveries go smoothly. By planning the supply chain and keeping high quantities of stock on hand, we do everything possible to ensure customers receive deliveries promptly.

Kumho Petrochemical, a leading manufacturer of synthetic rubber with the world’s largest production capacity, is a long-time partner we can depend on in the NBR field – and firmly established internationally under the brand name KNB®. We also sell their products BR and SBR as well as SBR latex and NBR latex.

WEBER & SCHAER also sells high-quality polyisoprene rubber (IR) called Natsyn® as well as polybutadiene rubber (BR) called Budene® – made by the company Goodyear Chemical.

Another company we partner with, SIDIAC, specializes in the production of high-grade polyblends made from PVC and NBR. The polyblend sold under the brand name SIVIC® is one of the best in its class. These French experts and our company have been working hand in hand in this specialized area for decades.

In addition to bulk synthetic rubbers, our range also includes special rubber varieties. These range from various FKM classes made by Chinese manufacturers to low-ACN NBR rubber made by the Japanese producer ENEOS and liquid NBR.

Synthetic rubber / Synthetic latex

NameChemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
Acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate terpolymerASASunigum®Synthomer
Chlorinated polyethyleneCPECPEapplication-depending
Ethylene-propylene(-diene) rubberEP(D)MKEPKumho Polychem
Nitrile rubber balesNBRKumho KNBKumho Petrochemical
Nitrile rubber latexNBRChemigum® LatexSynthomer
Nitrile rubber powderNBRChemigum® PSynthomer
NBR/PVC polyblends standard and custom-madeNBR(PVC)Sivic®Sidiac
Polybutadiene rubberBR (Ni)KBRKumho Petrochemical
Polynorbornene rubberPNRNorsorex®Astron
Styrene-butadiene rubberSBRKumho SBRKumho Petrochemical
High Styrene butadiene rubberHSRPliolite®Synthomer
Synthetic polyisopreneIRNatsyn®Goodyear
Chlorsulfoniertes PolyethlenCSMCSMapplication-depending
Fluor rubberFKMFKMapplication-depending