Rubber Chemicals

The landscape of the manufacturers of rubber chemicals has changed considerably in recent years. And this process is not yet completed. We are a strong partner with close contacts to the manufacturers. We guarantee continuity. In our Hamburg warehouse we hold large quantities of rubber chemicals. The quality of the chemicals is evaluated in our laboratory. Our chemists have many years experience in the use of chemicals in rubber compounds. They advise and support each customer individually and competently in the development of his recipes. We are dealing actively with the subject REACH.


Name Chemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
Ground sulphurS₈CS - Additive
Insoluble SulphurSnDiamond SulfOCCL/India


Name Chemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
InhibitorPVI, Retarder ERichon / CurekindDalian Richon, Ningbo Actmix Polymer Co.
Predispersed Chemicalskomplettes ProgrammActmixNingbo Actmix Polymer Co.
Sulfenamides,Thiazoles, SulfenimideCBS, DCBS, TBBS, MBTS, MBT, ZMBTDouble Vigour, UHOO, KemaiRichon, Zehngzhou Double Vigour, UHOO Rubber Chem., Kemai Chemical
ThioureaETUUHOOUHOO Rubber Chem.
ThiuramesTMTD, TETDDimacitTaminco
Thiurames, DithiocarbamatesTBzTD, DPTT, TMTM, ZBEC, ZDBC, ZDEC, TiBTD, DDTSUHOOUHOO Rubber Chem.


Name Chemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
Crosslinking peroxidesTrigonox®, Perkadox®Nouryon


Name Chemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
AntioxidantsStyrol. DiphenylaminePolystay® 29Goodyear
AntioxidantsPhenolderivatWingstay® LOmnova
AntioxidantsTMQTMQKemai, Bochem
Antioxidants / Antiozonants6PPDRichonRichon
Antioxidants / Antiozonantsarom p-Phenylene-diaminePolystay® 100Goodyear

Dispersions of Antioxidants

Name Chemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
Water-based AntidegradantsWSWeber & Schaer

Name Chemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer