Raw Material Adhesives

A classic application area for natural rubber are adhesives. But only the addition of resins ensures that different materials actually stick together. We sell a wide range of hydrocarbon resins. Additionally, we trade in natural latex as well as various modified natural and synthetic latices. And we provide a variety of antioxidants, also as dispersions. Furthermore, we offer all elastomers in granulated or powder form. Due to this extensive range, we are a competent partner in all areas - solvents, aqueous systems, hot melts.


Name Chemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
Hot polymerised SBRSBROn request
MG RubberMG-NRMegapolyGreen
Natural latices and specialitiesNRNeotexDifferent producers world wide
Natural rubber in the form of bales or granulesNRNeorub / NeogranDifferent producers world wide
Nitrile Rubber in form of bales or granulesNBRKumho KNB / NeogranKumho Petrochemical
Nitrile Rubber Latex NBRChemigum® LatexOmnova
Prevulcanised Natural RubberNRSuperpoly SP/PAGreen
Styrene-butadiene rubber in the form of bales or granulesSBRKumho SBR / NeogranKumho Petrochemical
Synthetic Polyisoprene rubber in the form of bales or granulesIRNatsyn / NeogranGoodyear
Synthetic Polyisoprene rubber in the form of bales or granulesIRSKI 3 (S) / Neogranvarious russian producers


Name Chemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
AntioxidantsZDBCDalian Richon
AntioxidantsStyrol. DiphenylaminePolystay® 29Goodyear
AntioxidantsOctyl. DiphenylaminODPARichon
AntioxidantsTMQTMQKemai, Bochem
Antioxidants / Antiozonants6PPD, 77PD, 44PD, 134PD, 1350PDSantoflex®Eastman

Dispersions of Antioxidants

Name Chemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
Water-based AntidegradantsWSWeber & Schaer


Name Chemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
C5 aliphatic hydrocarbon resins C5 Harzeapplication-depending
C5/C9 aliphatic aromatic hydrocarbon resinsC5/C9 Harzeapplication-depending
C9 aromatic hydrocarbon resinsC9 Harzeapplication-depending