Raw Material Adhesives

A classic area of ​​application for our natural rubber and natural latex is the adhesives sector. The second main component for this area of ​​application are the tackifier resins with which the properties of adhesive tapes, adhesives and hotmelts can be set in a targeted manner. We sell a wide range of hydrocarbon and natural resins. In addition, our company also carries modified natural and synthetic latices as well as selected SBC qualities. Our range is supplemented by various anti-aging agents, also in the form of dispersions and a carbamate release for solvent-based coatings. All common rubber grades can also be purchased from us in granulate form.


Name Chemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
Hot polymerised SBRSBROn request
IR LatexIRon request
MG RubberMG-NRMegapolyGreen
Natural latices and specialitiesNRNeotexDifferent producers world wide
Natural rubber in the form of bales or granulesNRNeorub / NeogranDifferent producers world wide
Nitrile Rubber in form of bales or granulesNBRKumho KNB / NeogranKumho Petrochemical
Nitrile Rubber Latex NBRChemigum® LatexOmnova
Prevulcanised Natural RubberNRSuperpoly SP/PAGreen
Styrene-butadiene rubber in the form of bales or granulesSBRKumho SBR / NeogranKumho Petrochemical
Synthetic Polyisoprene rubber in the form of bales or granulesIRNatsyn / NeogranGoodyear
Synthetic Polyisoprene rubber in the form of bales or granulesIRSKI 3 (S) / Neogranvarious russian producers
Sytrol Block CopolymereSBS, SEBSSROCH®on request


Name Chemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
AntioxidantsZDBCDalian Richon
AntioxidantsStyrol. DiphenylaminePolystay® 29Goodyear
AntioxidantsOctyl. DiphenylaminODPARichon
AntioxidantsTMQTMQKemai, Bochem
Antioxidants / Antiozonants6PPD, 77PD, 44PD, 134PD, 1350PDSantoflex®Eastman

Dispersions of Antioxidants

Name Chemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
Water-based AntidegradantsWSWeber & Schaer

Tackifier Resins

Name Chemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
C5 aliphatic hydrocarbon resinsC5 HarzeLuhua, Binder, Tongxin
C5/C9 aliphatic aromatic hydrocarbon resinsC5/C9 HarzeLuhua, Binder, Qilong, Tongxin
C9 aromatic hydrocarbon resinsC9 HarzeQilong, Binder
Gum Rosin Resinneotack® Weber & Schaer
Hydrogenated DCPD Hydrocarbon ResinsDCPD HarzeLuhua
Hydrogenated DCPD/ Styrene Hydrocarbon ResinsDCPD/ Styrol HarzeI-MARV® Idemitsu Kosan
Hydrogenated Gum Rosin Resinneotack® HRWeber & Schaer
Tackifer Emulsionneotack® AQUAWeber & Schaer


Name Chemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
PolyvinylalcylcarbamatePVACRelease Coat KBArchroma