Natural Rubber and Latex

On a worldwide scale, more than 40 percent of the rubber used in industry comes from nature. Natural rubber is a fascinating material which can be used in versatile applications. It requires specialists with experience and a high level of expertise. We're strong - because our company deals with this incomparable natural product for about 140 years. Through regular trips to the supplier countries, we constantly keep contact with almost all major producers. Checking incoming goods, we have a wide knowledge about the quality of our products. Here, our technical department provides valuable assistance with experienced chemists and chemical engineers, and can assist when it comes to the selection of the right qualities for your individual applications.
WEBER & SCHAER works closely together with a network of selected rubber producers. Regular communication with manufacturers, we ensure the quality of natural rubber and get direct access to new developments. This knowledge we share with our customers.

Our extensive stock of the entire range ensure the indispensable availability of this natural product as the production is subject to seasonal fluctuations and a transit time of 4-5 weeks is needed for arrivals in Europe.

As one of the leading importers of natural latex in Europe, we have a strong expertise in this area as well.  As a matter of course, we provide appropriate quantities in our storage tanks in Hamburg.

In addition to the common natural rubber and Latex grades we offer pre-crosslinked and grafted varieties of natural rubber and latex.

Our range of natural rubbers and latex comprises all standard types from all producing countries

Rubbers Latices
TSR FA Latex (full ammonia)
RSS LA Latex (low ammonia)
Pale Crepe

Furthermore, we also deliver specialities and made-to-measure rubbers and latices

Rubbers Latices
peptized double centrifuged
pre-vulcanized pre-vulcanised
deproteinized deproteinized
grafted grafted
epoxidized ammonia-free
granulated TMTD-free (FA and LA)
powder rubber