Polymer additives play an important role in the elastic modification of plastics. The application scope of our products ranges from improving impact resistance, on plasticizer-free soft PVC formulations to the manufacturing of thermoplastic elastomers.

You will find an even larger range in the field of plastics at Polymer Service PSG GmbH, our subsidiary company. Here, the portfolio covers platsics from TPC-ET, PA6 and PA66 to high-temperature resistant PSU, PPSU and PES.


Name Chemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
Acrylate terpolymerASASunigum®Omnova
Chlorinated polyethyleneCPECPEapplication-depending
Maleic anhydride grafted EPMMAH-EPMKEPA®Kumho Polychem
Nitrile rubber powderNBRChemigum® POmnova
Thermoplastic Elastomer (PP/EPDM)TPE-VInnoprene®Kumho Polychem
Thermoplastisches ElastomerTPE-VEXCELINK®JSR

Raw Materials for Thermoplastics

Name Chemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
Carbon nanotubesCNTK-NanosKumho Petrochemical
Crosslinking peroxidesTrigonox®, Perkadox®AkzoNobel
Highly conductive carbon blacksKetjenblack ECAkzoNobel


Name Chemical AbbreviationBrand NameProducer
Antioxidantsstyrenated DiphenylaminePolystay®Goodyear
AntioxidantsOctyl. DiphenylaminODPARichon
AntioxidantsTMQTMQKemai, Bochem
Antioxidants / Antiozonants6PPD, 77PD, 44PD, QDI, 134PD, 1350PDSantoflex®Eastman